1. Hot Dogs A Hot dog would surely look tasty and a portion of comfort food for you, but you might are not aware that the food you are enjoying could be dangerous for you

2. Candies & Chocolates  You pass by a store, and you just can’t stop yourself from grabbing a yummy Choco Bar. 

3. Energy Bars Hidden Sugar? Some food types look like they have no sugar, but they do! As a health freak and advocate, don’t be fooled!

4. Milk & Dairy Products  Who doesn’t love bread and butter? Or a solid glass of milk with a good bread and butter breakfast? Dairy products are healthy for children and adults alike. Calcium? Good. 

5. Ketchup Do you see that innocent bottle of Ketchup sitting on your table? You might never think that could raise your anxiety levels, but we would like to let you on a little secret! 

6. White Flour  Sugar Spice and everything nice is what those yummy Doughnuts@ Dunkin Donuts are made of! What else, you may wonder? White Flour. White Flour is dangerous as it is a hidden sugar! 

7. Caffeine  A strong Cuppa Coffee is an amazing gift! Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a strong cup of coffee. 

8. Energy Drinks Energizing in every way, Energy Drinks are the go-to for a lot of long-distance cycling enthusiasts and long-distance runners, as well!

9. Gluten Foods Do you have sensitive physical health? Stay away from MSG and Gluten! MSG is derived from Gluten. It is also a solid flavor enhancer as it is found in Frozen Meals.

10.  Preserved Foods  Preserving foods got people through some tough times in the olden ages. What you may not be aware of is that Preserved Foods create biogenic animes.