1. A Sense of Adventure

Men adore women who enjoy life to the fullest. This includes being open to new experiences and even taking risks. Whether kayaking, hiking a mountain, or skydiving, an adventurous woman will consistently outperform a girlfriend who sits on the sofa knitting sweaters, no matter how attractive she is.

2. A Compromiser

Disagreements are an expected part of any relationship. However, stubbornness and a "my way or the highway" attitude only lead to misery. This is why men value women who can negotiate and find a solution that works for both parties. Of course, this is true for hobbies (for example, the guy takes his girl to a football game in exchange for her taking him to a musical). Still, it is advantageous regarding essential issues like raising children together.

3. Confidence

A good boyfriend strives to make his Significant Other feel special, but nothing beats a woman who recognizes her value. Men may like a girl with a pretty face and a nice figure, but if she needs constant reassurance that she is attractive or cannot accept a compliment, he will eventually tire of her and move on to a woman who is content with herself.

4. A Complete Level of Trust

Regarding relationships, neither partner can keep the other under 24-hour surveillance, nor should they. Constantly calling a guy to find out where he is or dictating which friends he can and can't see will only create tension and foster distrust. Ultimately, feeling jealous and paranoid will never result in happiness. This is why men love dating women who can trust that they will be faithful.

5. A Sense of Humor

A woman can be breathtakingly beautiful, but she will never win a man's heart unless she can make him laugh. A great sense of humor relieves stress and allows the couple to bond. A witty joke or a sneaky, light-hearted prank will earn a woman major brownie points with her man.

6. A Willingness to Accept His Flaws

Understanding that your partner is not perfect is one of the keys to a healthy relationship. This is why men prefer women who are not overly critical and do not try to change them. They are on the right track if a woman can love him for his silly fashion sense or eccentric personality.

7. A Drama-free Personality

Life is a roller coaster ride. Some days will be great, while others will be a complete disaster. However, every minor issue doesn't need to escalate into a significant conflict. Women who keep things in perspective and don't make mountains out of molehills will find it much easier to win over their men.

8. Warmth

Being hot is not a replacement for being warm. Men adore gentlewomen. This applies not only to the relationship but also to her interactions with his friends and family. Nothing creates stability like winning over the most important people to her man.

9. Creativity

A relationship is more rewarding when the couple is free-spirited and creative. It keeps things exciting and gives you a sense of purpose. Women who surprise their man by writing him a story or painting him a picture, for example, have a good chance of winning his heart.

10. Comfortable Making Decisions

Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than a girlfriend who can't decide on anything. This could be as simple as not knowing which restaurant to go to or as complex as never wanting to make any decisions. This can be especially problematic if the woman is never satisfied with her man's decisions. This is why men enjoy dating women who express their desires.