The Illinois Lottery revealed on July 29th that a gas station in the Des Moines suburb of

Plaines sold the winning S1.337 billion Mega Millions lottery ticket -and since the date, 

The winner has remained silent. It's not uncommon for a prize of this magnitude to have multiple winners.

"The winner will take some time to claim," said Illinois Lottery Director Harold Mays Mays in an interview.

I'm sure they're feeling a variety of emotions. The $1.337 billion prize is estimated to be

distributed annually over 29 years if the winner chooses to take go with an annuity.

If the winner chooses to take the cash prize, they will receive approximately $780.5 million.

Failure to choose a payment option within the 60-day time period will

"Annuity payments will be made automatically," the manual states.