Top 9 Best Treehouses Hotels In The World

Multi-million dollar builds, innovative designs, and strange concepts ever build. We will take a short trip to show the most amazing 9 Best Treehouses in the world. Evolve with nature at these incredible treetop retreats.

If you love nature so closely that you want to spend your time with your close ones then keep reading this:

  1. The Piantata Black Cabin
The Piantata Black Cabin:

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Features: Spacious Bathroom, Four Poster Double Bed, Stock Fridge Champagne & Sparkling Wine, and more.

Set on a gorgeous Italian farm in the heart of Tuscany. The black cabinet La Piantata overlooks rolling hills of lavender and olive orchards from the perch of a 200 years old maritime pine tree. The gorgeously embellished ultra luxe cabin even has a massive swimming pool below. The bed and breakfast hotel treehouse has four double rooms, three apartments, two treehouses, and a new spa suite. The lavender valley gives a sweet blue that offers a spectacular view from the outdoor terrace.

  1. Saraii Village
Saraii Village

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Features: Leopard Safaries, Pottery Classes, Aviary Afternoons.

A combination of mud chalets and tree houses that vary in size. This treehouse hotel is nestled in the Yala region of Sri Lanka, These treehouses tower 25ft above the ground and can accommodate up to eight guests, in case you are traveling with your crew. If you want to experience the authentic Sri Lankas this tree house hotel will be the best for the essence. Sarai means essence and this unique immersive concept allow visitors to experience authentic Sri Lankan life to the fullest.

  1. Playa Viva
Playa Viva

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Features: Hiking, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing, Bird Watching, Pilates Classes, Kayaking, and more.

In this Mexican resort in front of the white sandy beach, this treehouse is suspended in palm trees as living piers raised 6ft above the ground. The accommodation of this hotel is outfitted with a king-sized, private bathroom, unobstructed ocean view, and a small lounge area with an in-floor hammock. In addition, they have beds located in the bathhouse. This hotel comes with one luxury treehouse that includes an estuary, an Aztec archaeological site, a turtle sanctuary, a coastal forest, and a mangrove ecosystem that supports an array of stunning wildlife.

  1. Keemala

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Features: Monsoon shower, outside shower, guest washroom, and a standalone bathtub

These treetop mansions are a luxury lover’s dream with plunge pools on the treetops and sunny balconies that look out onto the rainforests of Phuket. This treehouse hotel is just impressive for honeymooners as it is for adventurers. These spacious villas are complete with a private pool, upper-level master bedroom, large lounge, and dining area on the lower level. The interior of the seven tree pool houses incorporates suspended furniture and cocoon-like beds and loungers.

  1. Snohetta

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A traditional nordic cabin on stilts, the seventh room by Snohetta is part of Sweden’s re-owned tree hotel. This structure could be your cozy getaway to spend a few nights in aurora borealis from the comfort of their living room or simply gazing over the treetops. The wooden front is clad with pine boards the surface is burnt to create a dark and maintenance-free front. The indoor flooring is made from ashwood while birch plywood is used for the interior walls. With complementing light wooden furniture, the interior makes up a blonde nordic difference from the dark exterior.

  1. Free Spirit Spheres
Free Spirit Spheres

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Features: Sauna, Barbeque, and Gally Kitchen.

These beautiful handcrafted hanging sphere shelters are built by Tom. The first thing you’ll notice after getting into this treehouse is the circular structure which is rare to be seen nowadays. You’ll feel the bounce while walking in this treehouse hotel which is because it’s hanging in the trees, you may feel like a pinecone in a tree while staying in this hotel. Each amenity is fitted in a micro space to fit everything in a small space.

  1. The 4TreeHouse
The 4TreeHouse: 

This treehouse is being designed by Lucas Coss, it was constructed in Lake Muskoka Ontario, Canada. Around the base of four existing trees rather than stretching between them. The project was exercising in minimizing the impact on the tree’s sight and nature itself. A swing was suspended from the four trees forming the structural foundation for the treehouse. The result is a dedicated balance between the slat wall enclosure and the swaying trees.

  1. Tetsu Treehouse
Tetsu Treehouse

The wonder treehouse located in Hokuto, Japan is one of a kind treehouse in the world placed right amidst the cherry blossom trees. The Tetsu treehouse hotel stands on a single cypress trunk with a pink hue of awesomeness all around. Designed by Terunobu Fujimori, the charming treehouse is a Japanese tea house that was built specifically for enjoying the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Fujimori organized the unique one-legged structure to be sturdy enough to sway with the tree during stormy weather & through earthquakes. The interior of this tea treehouse is simple and modern, in contrast with the fantastical exterior that looks like a mango or fantasy building. 

  1. Hapuku Lodge and Treehouse
Hapuku Lodge and Treehouse:

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Features: Whale Watch, Kaikoura Kayaks, Dolphin Encounter, Seal Swim, Private Air Tours, Hiking, Biking, Fishing Tours, Golf Club, Pool, Spa, and many more exciting things to experience.

If you are looking for a place or want to hide from the world just to spend the right amount of time with your loved ones then this is the perfect treehouse for you. Hapuku Lodge and Treehouse is a contemporary country hotel located on a deer breeding farm in the south island of New Zealand. This lodge provides luxurious accommodation on Kaikoura’s rugged coastline. A place for guests to relax in its intimate indoor-outdoor setting and a place from which they can explore the larger maritime landscape of Kakuro. 

A cozy hut on a tree, in which you can hide from everyone and feel completely safe is perhaps the most common childhood dream. Modern architects and designers managed to fully realize their childhood dreams in reality. In this article, we have shown you some amazing treehouses with beautiful landscapes that will surely be going to make a huge space in your memories.

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