Top 9 Best Treehouses Hotels In The World

Multi-million dollar builds, innovative designs, and strange concepts ever build. We will take a short trip to show the most amazing 9 Best Treehouses in the world. Evolve with nature at these incredible treetop retreats.

If you love nature so closely that you want to spend your time with your close ones then keep reading this:

  1. The Piantata Black Cabin
The Piantata Black Cabin:

Hotel Website: 

Features: Spacious Bathroom, Four Poster Double Bed, Stock Fridge Champagne & Sparkling Wine, and more.

Set on a gorgeous Italian farm in the heart of Tuscany. The black cabinet La Piantata overlooks rolling hills of lavender and olive orchards from the perch of a 200 years old maritime pine tree. The gorgeously embellished ultra luxe cabin even has a massive swimming pool below. The bed and breakfast hotel treehouse has four double rooms, three apartments, two treehouses, and a new spa suite. The lavender valley gives a sweet blue that offers a spectacular view from the outdoor terrace.

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