Top 7 Underground Home You Never Heard Off

Most of our homes in the modern world, the 21st century, are above ground. It is surprising to find homes under the ground, but they still exist around the world. Underground homes can be considered an alternative option to the modern-day housing pattern. In many cases, living underground might be your only option due to environmental factors. It may also prove to be beneficial as opposed to living above the ground just like other families.

It may well just be a normal interesting choice an individual might want to make while exploring options that are best for them. They aren’t all that different from normal homes either when you get used to them!

I came across several options when looking at spectacular underground options :

  1. Eco Home by Make Architects

Unimpressive from the ground, however, an impressive architectural design is revealed in the form of an abstract flower when viewed from an aerial shot.

It comes in bold, earth-conscious designs that make one feel alive when observing it!

After the creation of this, Make Architects became famous for designing the first zero-carbon home in the North West. Beauty and functionality come together in this architectural piece!

Highly eco-friendly, the design is such that it manages to keep energy consumption at a minimum level! I find it to be a grand design that Makes Architects managed to pull off brilliantly! A truly amazing feat of design! An area of nearly 8000 sq ft is covered in unexpected ways! The great thing is that it consists of only 1 story, so it’s not a multi-story building.

  1. Underground Home With an Elliptical Shape and Alpine Views
Top 7 Underground Home You Never Heard Off

Built on the Hillside, the design is truly what sets it apart from others. A stone structure has been built into the Hillside. The main entrance shows a great entertainment area.

The circular opening shows lots of windows. Brilliant Architects from the Netherlands- the Search and Christian Muller Architects, come together to design this genius stroke of the masterpiece, which happens to be located in the Swiss Village of Vals.

One thing that is very lovely about this home built into the ground is that it manages to provide the resider with amazing views of the mountains while maintaining a high level of privacy for its inhabitants. It is a very interesting option for those on the lookout for a decent underground home!

  1. Woodlyn Park, Home to the World’s First Hobbit Motel
Top 7 Underground Home You Never Heard Off

The hobbit village is the first model home that comes to mind when it comes to thinking about underground homes. It managed to prove to be a great inspiration for many individuals looking to stay underground.

It has managed to consistently be on top of the world’s 10 most unique tourism accommodations in the world. Additionally, it is also the motel that is closest to the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand. The design is super adorable and catchy, so much so that people and many fans have been able to replicate those little homes by themselves. The material used is polystyrene blocks which allow the room to stay cool during hot days and warm during cold days.

Additionally, it is very spacious and makes the guests feel at home and welcomed when they visit Woodlyn Park at any given time. A large number of 6 people can be accommodated here quite comfortably, if I may add! It has bars and restaurants which are easily accessible during the stay there, keeping the guests well entertained and happy!

  1. An EcoVillage in the Preseli Mountains of West Wales
An EcoVillage in the Preseli Mountains of West Wales

It has huts made of straw and mud as well that have been built into the walls. It is quite an interesting house which also happens to be very charming. Generating your power and growing your food is important, as this eco-village shows the power of growing your food by yourself.

It additionally has been hidden from view, and the officials were unable to find anything there as it was quite well camouflaged. Now this village has gotten approval for the houses, lavatories, and agricultural buildings.

  1. The Houses from the Hobbiton Scenes of the Lord of the Rings
The Houses from the Hobbiton Scenes of the Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings trilogy comes into mind when we think of homes built on the hillsides as the first thing. Those hobbit houses are now great symbols and are a source of great inspiration when it comes to Projects. If you wish to see real homes, Matamata in New Zealand is key and important.

The Hobbit Homes have been preserved as it is after the shooting as it was requested to maintain them in their pristine state. They have been kept the same as when the video was being shot. Seeing these houses from up close is much worse than seeing them from afar. But a little imagination can help us go places!

  1. The Eco-Friendly Bella Vista Hotel in Italy
Top 7 Underground Home You Never Heard Off

A lot of eco-friendly creations are raring to go. Sustainable designs are necessary for their private homes, so many eco-friendly hotels have re-emerged or have been redesigned. The Bella Vista Hotel is one eco-friendly design. The latest Kilma Hotel – is found in Bozen, Italy. It’s a redesign of Bella Vista designed by Matteo Thun. Built into the Hillside, starting in 2009, 11 individual hostels were created.

The great feature of this hotel is that it is eco-friendly and has sustainable heating, along with cooling and building materials. Local resources were used as well as materials from other areas. The aim of it was to build a strong connection with this eco-friendly hotel.

A great endeavor to say the very least. It has managed to inspire people and bring the best out of others. Truly amazing and has an ambitious end at its very core.

  1. A Home Built in a Cave in Missouri
Top 7 Underground Home You Never Heard Off

The Lord of the Rings model is followed by a majority of the homes that are built under the ground or the structures that are built into the hillsides. Many alternative possibilities exist side by side, such as a Cave – A simple example of an underground home at the most primitive level. Most modern homes probably started like this. It is quite fun to see this transform into something unique!

This home can be found in Fetus, Missouri, and was constructed inside a 15,000 sq. foot sandstone cave. The designers of the court are Curt and Deborah Sleeper. It has now transformed into their cozy home. The interior has extremely modern features, which happen to be unique. Unfinished sandstone manages to give it a beautiful charm.

Additionally, it is also quite an energy-efficient house that has geothermal heating and a smart design. It is quite a lovely home for one and all to see!


To conclude, there are plenty of spectacular homes around the world which are/ were underground. There are plenty of styles of homes underground that were built for different purposes and continue to serve those purposes to date. We can learn a lot from simply the architecture of these wonderful homes as they have managed to stand the test of time against all the odds!

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