Top 10 Most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth

We human beings are a funny species! We possess an insatiable desire to seek out places that have never been discovered before. Exploring and seeking out lands is very natural to us. Over the 1000s and millions of years of human activity and history, marks have been left by explorers and those who dare on every place on the map of the world! No place has been left undiscovered. 

Right from the deepest oceans to the hidden, unknown underground caves, one can feel the effect of human activity everywhere. All undiscovered places are not a piece of cake by any means! Plenty of locations still exist where human civilization does exist, but these locations are not easy to locate or even travel to!  Zero modern amenities exist in these places!

Let’s take a close look at these 10 most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth! 

  1. Palmerston Island

Palmerston Island is a paradox! While it sounds like a fancy high-end island owned by a Wealthy Mogul, it’s actually a small island home to a total of 62 people! 

most isolated place Palmerston Island

Fun Fact: 59/62 people are direct descendants of a mysterious man – William Marsters!

It’s nothing like your modern cities, in case you are wondering! If you are a shopaholic, bad news for you! There are 0 shops or markets as there is no money-based system! 

What you will appreciate about Palmerston Island is the warmth with which you are greeted by the residents! On landing @ Palmerston, you are welcomed wholeheartedly in their personal homes! 

It’s not all bad. Silver Lining: 2 adorable telephones + 6 hours of electricity. That’s not too bad for an island, eh? 

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