Top 10 Most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth

We human beings are a funny species! We possess an insatiable desire to seek out places that have never been discovered before. Exploring and seeking out lands is very natural to us. Over the 1000s and millions of years of human activity and history, marks have been left by explorers and those who dare on every place on the map of the world! No place has been left undiscovered. 

Right from the deepest oceans to the hidden, unknown underground caves, one can feel the effect of human activity everywhere. All undiscovered places are not a piece of cake by any means! Plenty of locations still exist where human civilization does exist, but these locations are not easy to locate or even travel to!  Zero modern amenities exist in these places!

Let’s take a close look at these 10 most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth! 

  1. Palmerston Island

Palmerston Island is a paradox! While it sounds like a fancy high-end island owned by a Wealthy Mogul, it’s actually a small island home to a total of 62 people! 

most isolated place Palmerston Island

Fun Fact: 59/62 people are direct descendants of a mysterious man – William Marsters!

It’s nothing like your modern cities, in case you are wondering! If you are a shopaholic, bad news for you! There are 0 shops or markets as there is no money-based system! 

What you will appreciate about Palmerston Island is the warmth with which you are greeted by the residents! On landing @ Palmerston, you are welcomed wholeheartedly in their personal homes! 

It’s not all bad. Silver Lining: 2 adorable telephones + 6 hours of electricity. That’s not too bad for an island, eh? 

  1. Supai Village, Arizona

If you are ready to take a rugged-8-mile hike or horseback ride, then you will be rewarded with a warm welcome @ Supai Village, Arizona. Supai Village isn’t very crowded, despite its nearness to the Grand Canyon!

most isolated place Supai Village Arizona

Havasupai is a treat for lovers of natural beauty! Havasupai translates to “ People of the Green Blue Waters” It is blessed with 4 incredible waterfalls that are found along Havasu Creek! 

Total Population: 208

Fun Fact: Mail is received with the help of a mule!

  1. Oymyakon, Russia 

With an out-of-the-blue name like Oymyakon, you will be greeted with extremes here! Remote and very, very cold (Coldest), it holds the record for still being inhabited. Average temperatures here plummet to – 58 degrees. How to reach? : Flight from Moscow- Takutsk and/or Magadan @ 560 miles away. Finally – Road trip on a scary and treacherous drive on “ Road of Bones” onto Oymakon.

most isolated place Oymyakon Russia

Be prepared! You are warned ahead of time!  There is 0 running water (See: -58 Degree temperature) use an outhouse instead. No crops can grow, thanks to the extreme cold! Say goodbye to vegetables! 

Hint: If you are a vegetarian, we suggest you avoid this trip!

Total Population: 500 residents

  1. Pitcairn Island, British Overseas, Territory 

If you have heard the story of “Mutiny of the Bounty,” Pitcairn Island is at the center of this! 

The location was settled in 1790 by mutineers! The mutineers got lucky as their discovered the remains of a Polynesian Establishment from eons ago.

Top 10 Most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth

A solid Part of British Overseas Territory, Pitcairn Island is 3300 miles from New Zealand!  Tourists regularly visit this place but rarely does anyone settle here. Spooky? Maybe! 

Total Population: 50

  1. Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Ever heard of Cleopatra’s Bath? This historically famous place is part and parcel of Siwa Oasis, Egypt! Sparsely visited by outsiders, it is a 5-hour long bus ride from Cairo.

The upside, you ask? Amazigh Culture and Language are very well preserved thanks to the isolated location that Siwa Oasis is!

most isolated place Siwa Oasis Egypt

We suggest you hop on the bus, as you will be richly rewarded with a luxurious opportunity to  Swim in Cleopatra’s Bath. A well of luxurious mineral spring. To excite your taste buds, you have absolutely delicious locally-grown olives and dates as well! And finally, there is an eco-lodge made of mud and salt!

Simply wonderful! 

  1. Socotra Island, Yemen 

It is an unusual island with a fairly high population for an island. The first road on Socotra Island was built in  2011! 

Fun Fact; 800 rare plant species not found anywhere in the world call Socotra Island their home!

Top 10 Most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth

What makes these plants special is that they have a highly unusual appearance! ⅓ of which cannot be found anywhere round the world!

How to reach? 400 miles from the capital of Yemen, it has a highly tropical desert climate! Take a direct flight from Sanaa! Ta-da!

Total Population: 40,000

  1. Tristan da Cunha 

Fiery and Volcanic, this remote and distant island is still home to a sweet 258 people!  Tristan da Cunha is unlike other isolated islands as it has benefitted from having stores, schools, churches, and of course, a solid hospital!

most isolated place Tristan da Cunha

Electricity is still a dream here, but gas power is to the rescue! Tristan is named after its discoverer – Tristan. A man who never visited this island even once!  Take a 1,732-mile boat ride from Cape Town to visit this gorgeous island!

Total population: 258

  1. Utqiagvik, Alaska ( Barrow) 

If you are looking for an Island Close similar to a city, this might be your dream come true!

Utquiagvik, Alaksa is different from islands due to its population being 4429, closer to that of a small town/city. 

Top 10 Most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth

Archaeological evidence suggests one thing: People have existed here since 500 AD! Warm weather is mixed well with the cold here – 3 months of warmth(36F with 65 days of bone-chilling cold@ 3F) 

Natural gas is the preferred choice of home heating for its lovely residents! Phone, radio, cable, as well as the internet are all readily available! A super island if you ask us.

Do visit! 

Total Population: 4429

  1. La Rinconada, Peru 

A tough one! La Rincodana is located high in the Andes Mountains! @ 16000 feet, it holds the record of the highest human habitation. The most pleasant location? Maybe not! 

most isolated place La Rinconada, Peru

Scaling such great heights, you are bound to experience, Altitude sickness, headaches, nausea, and short breath! Scary but true!

Fun Fact: A lot of people settled here solely due to the Gold Rush(2000). Unfortunately, no gold was found, but people still settled here and still called it home! Plus 1!

How to reach here? : 6-hour ride from the closest city will get you here.

Total population : 50,000

  1.  Bantam, Cocos(Keeling) Islands

Isolation has been a true friend for those who reside on this delightful island! Located about 1,700 miles from Perth, Australia, isolation helped the religious and oral practices of the natives thrive!

Top 10 Most Isolated Places at the End of the Earth

Isolated it may be, the area is a tourist delight! Tourists are wholeheartedly welcomed by the residents!  Efforts to provide fun activities, surfing, and kitesurfing are fully available!

How to reach here? : Flights-  twice a week from Perth.

Total population: 600 

Conclusion : 

Many, many surprises lie within the forts of these wonderful undiscovered islands, to say the very least! These islands are beautiful places in their own right. It is a true joy to discover these places and learn more and more about them! As you discover more, you enrich yourself with a heritage never experienced before. You gain different perspectives and broaden your horizon!

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