Top 10 Largest Zoo in the World

If you look closely, visiting a zoo is a unique experience. It not only conserves various animal species but also tells us about their habitats, lifestyles, and diets. Many zoos around the world are visited by many tourists, but at the same time, children’s classrooms are also playgrounds. This compares to the size of our planet and the number of animals we protect and care for, but to understand why, take a look at the world’s largest zoos. Check out this amazing galaxy zoo and the adorable animals that live there. The best zoos in the world give you the chance to see and understand nature and wildlife up close.

  1. Dallas Zoo – Throne Square
Dallas Zoo - Throne Square

With more than 2,100 animals, 406 species, and 700 volunteers on nearly 106 acres, the Dallas Zoo is one of the world’s leading Best zoo in the world . A world unto itself, the zoo is a favorite with tourists and locals alike and is considered one of the best places to visit in Dallas. The zoo is 20 years old and has several attractions including the Monorail, the Wild African Adventure Safari, and the T-Rex Express. There are animal rides that the kids love. There are also shops and restaurants inside the zoo.

  1. African National Zoo – Natural habitats
biggest zoo in the world

South Africa is known for its abundant wildlife and is home to world-class zoos. Its uniqueness lies in the design of the zoo. One side is mostly flat and the other is slightly hilly, separated by the Apis River which flows through  Biggest zoo in the world. Here you can see the natural wealth of South Africa. This one is more interesting due to the diversity of species in the zoo and the number of animals is around 9000. 

  1. London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world.
London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world.

London Zoo is not only one of the largest zoos in the world, but it is also the oldest scientific zoo in the world, founded in 1828 for the sole purpose of scientific research. The zoo is no different when it comes to conservation efforts, with the latest program here being ‘Tiger SOS’, which aims to raise money to save the Sumatran tiger. Opened to the public in 1847, the preserve is home to 16,000 animals on just 15 acres. The largest zoo in the world!

  1. Raising giant pandas at the San Diego Zoo
Raising giant pandas at the San Diego Zoo

The Saint Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world and is well known for its conservation efforts. San Diego, California is one of the few zoos where giant pandas live and breed. It has a total area of about 100 hectares and is home to various animal species and subspecies. The zoo is actively involved in the protection and conservation of wildlife here but also offers outdoor exhibits for each animal to return to the wild in the future. A visit to this zoo can be combined with a group tour of the USA.

  1. Henry Doorly Zoo – the world’s largest indoor wildlife area
Henry Doorly Zoo - the world's largest indoor wildlife area

The Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the world’s biggest zoos in the world, famous for its desert domes and deep desert. The Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska was founded in 1864 and is one of the largest zoos in the world with approximately 17,000 animals. Here you can see a wonderful glass geodesic dome, which is considered the largest dome in the world. This unique feature has made the Henry Doorly Zoo one of the most famous zoos in the world. Tip: don’t go on weekends as it gets crowded. bring snacks

Notable Locations: Desert Shelter, Deep Desert. Kingdom of the Night is an indoor exhibition about night and wetlands. The geodesic dome is surrounded by glass. The Enchanted Forest is covered in rainforest.

  1. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – Non-Profit Zoo
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - Non-Profit Zoo

Often considered the best zoo in the United States, the zoo is a must-see due to the diversity found on its 530 acres and 7,000 animals. Another zoo that pays tribute to wildlife conservation and conservation, with 70 projects involving almost 3 million people. The most notable thing about this place is that it is a non-profit zoo that constantly protects wild animals. Known For: Bear Show. Surf safari, giraffe feeding, divers exploring coral reefs. Western lowland gorilla, domestic white baboon

  1. Toronto Zoo – Canada’s largest zoo
Toronto Zoo - Canada's largest zoo

Visit Canada’s largest zoo, with over 5,000 animals on about 710 acres. Yes, the Toronto Zoo, which opened in 1974, has a variety of animals from around the world that will appeal to visitors of all ages, and the same animals can be found on different floors of the zoo. 

Recommendation: Do not park your car. Shop at the gift shop and plan your itinerary.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit in autumn is during the day or at night when the weather is not too hot. People have to leave in the morning

Famous: griffon vulture, African lion, ostrich, white rhinoceros, hippopotamus, African penguin, spotted hyena.

  1. The Moscow Zoo is one of Europe’s oldest zoos.
The Moscow Zoo is one of Europe's oldest zoos.

Why visit the Moscow Zoo? One of the biggest zoos in Europe and the largest in Russia, with 6,000 animals, this zoo is a perfect example of how things have changed over time. The biggest zoo in the world! During renovations in the 1990s, the zoo expanded its grounds with a separate aquarium and a sea lion display area. The zoo also has many children’s attractions and walking trails. Plan a trip to Moscow in the summer to get the most out of your experience.

9. Beijing Zoo: the largest collection of animals in China

Beijing Zoo: the largest collection of animals in China

The Beijing Zoo is very important to the Chinese and was founded in 1906 during the Qing Dynasty. This zoo has more than 950 species of animals and is known to have the largest collection of animals in China. With six million visitors per year, rare animals such as the Chinese giant salamander, giant panda, and South China tiger can be seen here. This place is definitely on your list of things to do in Beijing.

10. Berlin Zoological Park: the oldest zoo in Germany
Berlin Zoological Park: the oldest zoo in Germany

On an area of only 86 hectares, the Berlin Zoological Park has a large number of animals, approximately 18,662. The zoo’s efforts to protect and preserve wildlife are also commendable in their partnerships with universities and fundraising. As Germany’s best zoo in the world, the most visited in Europe, and the most famous in the world, you have to look inside to believe in its greatness. This place is also known to offer the best safaris in Germany!

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