These 10 Actresses Look Nothing Like Their Characters

Makeup is a wonderful & magical tool for Hollywood and Bollywood actresses! While Make does more for some actresses as compared to others, it is a natural beauty enhancer! You would be amazed at the natural beauty of many Hollywood actresses in close-up! While Hollywood does its very best to create an extreme contrast between all the characters that exist on the screen to keep the audience enthralled, off-screen, it is always a different matter altogether!

Take a peek at the beauty behind these not-so-attractive on-screen characters!

Naomi Grossman – Pepper 

Remember American Horror Story? Well, if you love watching American Horror Story, you will remember Naomi and her best-known role as Pepper in the movie was an absolute thriller! 

Naomi Grossman - Pepper 

Naomi had to shave her head bald to play this wonderful role! You heard that right! Bald! It’s scary to think of shaving your head bald as a woman! As women who love their hair, going bald is really tough! But Naomi loved the role enough to go for it completely! 100 percent dedicated! 

Taryn Manning – Tiffany Doggett

It was a blessing for Taryn Manning to star in Orange is the New Black! She shot to fame with this incredible gem of a movie that she landed. Tiffany Doggett is the character that Taryn Manning had to get under the skin of. Taryn Manning is depicted as a woman from Western Pennsylvania who proudly calls herself a true blue Redneck.

Taryn Manning – Tiffany Doggett

While her off-screen persona and beauty are amazing and jaw-dropping, For her first season, she had to get into a character with rotten teeth and some missing ones as well.

A complete 180 compared to her off-screen persona!

Elizabeth Moss – Peggy Olson

Elizabeth Moss - Peggy Olson

A complete and utter bombshell off-screen who is stunning to look at, her onscreen character as Peggy Olson is a whole different ball game! Elizabeth Played the role of office Secretary Peggy Olson as part of the uber-famous Mad Men Series! A truly great series that blew everyone’s mind, Secretary Peggy Olson was central to the success of this super series. On-screen, her character is super innocent and has a very frumpy look that almost bordered on the dork-homely look! Of course, this is just our opinion, but her on-screen look is way dorkier than who she is offscreen! 

America Ferrera- Betty Suarez

These 10 Actresses Look Nothing Like Their Characters

The role of Betty Suara is World-Famous and world-renowned! Who doesn’t know Betty Suarez? With her funky look and her frizzy hair, and her kooky glasses, she is still well-loved and one of the most easily recognizable characters on TV! 

America Ferrera plays the role of the uber-ambitious young woman with her signature look of unruly hair, distinct, kooky glasses, her lovable braces, and her uber eccentric outfits! 

While throughout the show, she manages to carry this look quite well and effectively, nearing the end, she gets a super makeover and turns into her true self! Which, by the way, is much more elegant and truly amazing to behold! 

Emma Thompson- Nanny Mcphee

Emma Thompson- Nanny Mcphee

The lovely and super elegant Emma Thomson made her role of a magical nanny in the movie Nanny Mcphee a truly striking one that still stands out to this day in the minds of people who went to the theater to watch it! Her character was a true helper! A true helper who managed to appear in the homes of people to help them with their truly rough and unruly children. Her character’s look in the movie starts highly hideous and super frightening to look at. The same character progresses elegantly and well toward the end! A happy ending for one and all moviegoers! 

Judy Greer – Kitty Sanchez

These 10 Actresses Look Nothing Like Their Characters

Fame has touched Judy Greer since the very beginning of her career as an actress. She is quite famous for her multiple roles that span different genres! But not only has she played fairly decent and interesting characters, but she has also managed to land some truly bizarre characters like Kitty Sanchez, for example! Kitty Sanchez stars in Arrested Development in a role that is very, very quirky in an adorable manner. According to sources, she truly loved every moment of playing this character as it brought laughter and happiness to the lives of other people!

Vanessa Hudgens – Gabriella Montez

Vanessa Hudgens – Gabriella Montez

Remember Gabriella from Disney’s High School Musical? That great fun character made everything come alive in the movie, it is all thanks to Vanessa! Disney’s music was all the better for having Vanessa Hudgens as a star performer! She effortlessly performs the role of a teen that struggled hard due to being in and out of foster care in a drama named Gimme Shelter! To be able to play this role quite well, she had to drastically change her entire appearance! Well, she is still quite gorgeous off-camera! And we love her for that! 

Rooney Mara – Lisbeth Salander

These 10 Actresses Look Nothing Like Their Characters

Lisabeth Salander, anyone remembers her? If you have managed to remember her character correctly, you will be able to recall that she was the main character in the movie called The Girl with the Dragon tattoo! Effortlessly played by Rooney Mara, Mara rose to fame and the height of fortune with this tremendously brilliant role! But you should know that it did not come easily to her at all! She had to undergo a super intense transformation to be able to even attempt or even get into the character at all! It was super tough for her! But it was all worth it in the end. She was nominated for a super Golden Globe Award for her incredibly mind-blowing performance! 

Bette Midler- Winifred Sanderson 

These 10 Actresses Look Nothing Like Their Characters

Witches are exciting and thrilling to learn more about! If you have watched Hocus Pocus, you will be quite aware that Bette Midler played a super role in one of the greatest Iconic roles in Disney! This was in 1993! Back in the early 1990s. She executed the role of Winifred Sanderson well! A head witch of the Sanderson sisters, Winifred was superb in this role and was eye-opening. Her witch sisters were also executed and then brought back to life!

Drew Barrymore – Josie Gellar

These 10 Actresses Look Nothing Like Their Characters

Drew Barrymore is one gorgeous beauty that one can’t help staring at! In 1999, Drew Barrymore was in Never Been Kissed as Josie Gellar. Who was Josie Gellar? Josie Gellar was a stellar cop who went back to high school as a student for a crucial undercover operation! In high school, she was a proper nerd and a geek. A cop was her chance to redeem herself! 


Actresses are tremendous role models for their audience! These top 10 actresses prove that they can take on any role, whether it is challenging or simple for them, and take it on with panache like no other! It is overwhelming and an honor to be able to take on such ferocious and beautiful roles and develop them into something greater! Kudos to these actresses.

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