8 Smartest Dog Breeds You Can Get Yourself Today

Even though we haven’t figured out how to make dogs talk, well, they obey our commands, sit where we told them to, and bring us some stuff. For many dog parents, the intelligence of their dog is the top priority. There’s a variety of reasons to value dogs’ brains over all else. However, the most appealing options tend to come down to training. After all, the smartest dog is the most trainable it will be. This is especially important for the dog owner who wants to train their dog for agility or to perform tasks like search and rescue or even therapy, so if that is something you value as a dog owner, keep reading, we have listed the top 8 smartest dog breeds.

  1. German Shepherds
German Shepherds smartest dog

German shepherd dogs are especially prized as police dogs due to their intelligence and discipline, and they are highly trainable in addition to being loyal and dependable. They are excellent family pets but tend to do best when trained to perform tasks. So this genius of the dog world is especially worth tracking for anyone looking to train a working dog.

  1. Poodles
Poodles smartest dog

This breed is known as one of the most intelligent dogs. They are also highly trainable and tend to excel in sports and agility. They are particularly adept at retrieving games from water. The poodle is smart and very gentle whenever it’s around young children. They have a waterproof coat and are very graceful when they move. They don’t like harsh tones and also don’t like to be kept outside as they suffer from separation anxiety. Poodles are also good for those people who have allergies issues because they don’t shed as compared to other dog breeds.

  1. Pugs
Pugs smartest dog

Here we have one of the most famous dogs and most intelligent dogs known as Vodafone’s dog and then known as a pug. They are one of the most lovable dog breeds out there. Pugs are compact, but they are sure to fill your day with happiness and joy. They are the best family companion. A pug owner can be proud that their dog can naturally be an Instagram influencer by carrying different stylish clothes and a sarcastic sense of humor.

  1. Rottweiler
Rottweiler smartest dog

Whenever you think of a rottweiler, you probably picture him guarding a home or a yard. They seem like big brutes of the dog world, all brawn, and little brain. These dogs are trained to perform tasks that go way beyond being guard dogs. This dog breed excels as a therapy dog, service dog, guide dog, search dog, and even a herder. Since they know how to read people depending on body language and facial cues, they can act differently depending on the person they trust. Once they start trusting you, they become easy to train.

  1. Papillons
Papillons smartest dog

The highly active and obedient papillon is one of the extremely admired dog breeds around the world. These dogs are one of the oldest of the toy spaniels and are often depicted as companions of the rich. Although they are tiny pups measuring 8 to 11 inches on the shoulders, you can still spot a papillon a block away, thanks to their large outsized wing-shaped ears and plum tail. They are happy, alert, and friendly. These little creatures seem to have an innate ability to show themselves with their fluttering plumy tails, upright butterfly ears, and attention-getting happy dancing. If you are thinking of getting beauty, brain, versatility, and constant loving companionship, all these in one small package, then a papillon is just the right choice for you.

  1. Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie smartest dog

The smart and fun-loving Bearded Collie is one of the smartest dog breeds which originated in the Scottish Highlands centuries ago, where they were used as herding dogs and drove dogs. They are independent and athletic, and they have thick coats, so they can work in any weather. If you choose a Bearded Collie as your pet, you should be prepared for a highly energetic, playful, enthusiastic, and lively dog. They are also very smart, independent, and, let’s say, charismatic. It’s impossible to be bored with these dogs, and they seem to be always happy and in a good mood with their constantly wagging tail.

  1. Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel smartest dog

Cocker Spaniel is a gentle energetic, and affectionate type of breed that loves pleasing its owner. This breed was initially bred as a hunting dog, but its loving nature made it gain wide popularity as an all-around companion. If you are considering a Cocker Spaniel as your family member, then you should know their excellent personality and committed companion to their owner. When it’s come to their family, they are extremely loyal, affectionate, and loving. They are very active and prefer playing around all day to sitting still in a place.

  1. Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever smartest dog

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world least, according to official dog registries. They are also known as Labrador or simply Lab. They are beautiful, intelligent, and noble dog which is suitable for all family types. If you are thinking of adopting a labrador, you must know that they are extremely intelligent and active dogs. They are very loyal, friendly, sociable, smart, and funny. Due to their friendly appearance and exceptionally suitable character, this smart dog breed is the best companion for the family.

All of these smart dog breeds are healthy and long-lived dogs. They stand out for their fitness and excellent health. However, they all need a loving family and monthly visits to the vet. When they call a puppy, we need to initiate a general level of good care. We need to initiate a vaccination schedule that must be maintained throughout their life, which helps prevent some of the most dangerous canine diseases. We should also carry out periodic deworming as prescribed by the veterinarian to protect against internal and external parasites.

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