Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Jets

The Rich and the powerful don’t walk, they fly! Keeping a Jet is second nature to the Rich and the wealthy. Travel by Jet is an integral and fundamental part of their daily lives. Flying in style is of course of greater importance. Exorbitantly priced, these Luxury Jets are enormous enough to pass off as a small home! Additionally,  these Jets seek to make a style statement!  

Traveling stylishly while going somewhere important is the key here! After all, who doesn’t want to look good while traveling? Everyone!

Are you a lover of just searching for random stuff and planning a vacation and want to feel the luxury at its best? Well, you are If you want to vacation luxurious then you should check out these Top 10 Luxurious Jets to make your trip memorable for LIFE. 

  1. Dassault Falcon 900 
most expensive private jet Dassault Falcon 900

When you think of Luxury Jet- Dassault Falcon 900 should automatically come to your mind! Dassault Falcon 900 is very very sleek and very fast in terms of overall speed and movement. Irrespective of the temperatures and weather conditions, Dassault Falcon can fly up to a maximum speed of six hundred miles/ hour. 

Dassault differs from other similar luxury jets in terms of Fuel Usage and Carbon Footprint. Low Fuel Usage and an even lower Carbon Footprint are the keys here. Economical investors will find themselves very pleased with the Dassault Falcon 900! A solid jet!

  1. Embraer Legacy 650
Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Jets

Embrace the Embraer Legacy 650, you won’t regret it. Owned by Jackie Chan, Embraer Legacy 650 is Made in Brazil. This expensive jet became a part of Jackie Chan’s Luxury Jet Club after shelling out just 30 million! 

With a  capacity to accommodate 13 passengers at any given time, Embraer Legacy is spacious, to say the least!  What else? Stylish Leather Seats, a Full hot-n-cold gallery plus a gigantic Lavatory come together in an elegant manner here @ Embraer! 

  1. Boeing Business Jet 2
most expensive private jet Boeing Business Jet 2

Boeing Business Jet 2 is like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you will get!

The exterior of Boeing Business Jet 2 impresses no one! 

The interior is quite a different matter altogether! What can one expect from going inside?  1000 square feet of lounge, A strategically located bedroom suite combined with comfortable furniture helps restore energy levels. It is essentially a penthouse in the form of a luxury jet.  Now you know why it is called the Flying Hotel!

  1. Gulfstream G650
Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Jets

Gulfstream G650 washes the competition away when it comes to winning popularity contests!  Gulfstream G650 is so popular that the next batch is already scheduled for release along with the current one!  The demand for Gulfstream G650 easily outstrips the supply with 40 of these planes sold already! 

For the money minded, A handsome profit of 7 million is imminent with Gulfstream as your choice of Luxury Jet!

Fun Fact: You can’t just get up one morning and buy this jet. A very long list awaits! Get in line!

  1. Airbus A 319
most expensive private jet Airbus A 319

The second most expensive model of the jet can be yours, all for the price of (just)

$ 81 million!  What is so special about Airbus A 319? It is highly unique all thanks to its custom-designed interiors!

If you manage to own one of these, you can sure have power over the interiors. Change the interiors as per your desires and tastes!

Airbus A 319 is designed with great thought and care. It’s no small Luxury Jet by any means! Think carefully before buying!

  1. Bombardiers Global 700
Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Jets

Looking for a Luxury Jet than can travel 7000 miles non-stop? Bombardier Global 700 is your friend!  The Elites easily make this their top choice of Jet. Accommodation capacity: 10 passengers at a go! 

A six-seater dining table,4 living spaces, and Gigantic Windows are some of the important amenities at Bombardiers Global 700. Feel yourself on Cloud Nine with these superb amenities!

Fun Fact: Bill Gates uses this one frequently! Enough Said! 

  1. Boeing Business Jet 3 
most expensive private jet Boeing Business Jet 3

Boeing Business Jet 3 is amazing for many reasons. One, it managed to live up to the pre-launch hype! The Cabin Space @ Boeing Business Jet 3 is right up there at the top! A wonderful bedroom suite, a dining room, a superb lounge as well as a great staff room makes for a solid winning combination.

Boeing Business Jet 3 can transport 46 passengers in 1 flight from being used commercially!

  1. Gulfstream G-550
Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Jets

Lavish is the word when it comes to owning a Gulfstream G-550. Thinking of buying one in your dreams? Be prepared to be short of 60 million overnight! 

Fun Fact: Lakshmi Mittal and Phillip Green have this Luxury Jet in their backyard 

Defining feature of Gulfstream G550? The speed! How fast might you wonder? Reach Florida to South Korea in less than 15 hours! No stopovers, no waiting. Clean and Clear!

4 living areas Plus 18 people seating arrangement exists @ Gulfstream G-550. If you have Aviophobia, good news! Gulfstream G-550 can remove passengers’ fears and doubts by displaying Flight paths even during low visibility!

  1. Boeing 747-8 VIP
most expensive private jet Boeing 747-8 VIP

This is a common passenger Plane, with the potential to be a solid luxurious Jet! Boeing 747-8 VIP is an interesting buy! It is definitely on the higher side in terms of purchasing power- 150 million to say the least! Owned by Joesph Lau, this plane combines, personal suits, recreational space, and a private office spectacularly!

Unlock special amenities with Boeing 747-8 VIP!

  1. Airbus A 380
Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Jets

The world’s largest passenger airliner comes to your doorstep with Airbus A 380! Prince Alwaleed bin Talal splurged $300 million. He even went the extra mile and splurged an extra 200 million! The jet has beautiful elevators plus 2 levels of large living space and recreational rooms! An awesome buy if you ask!


Luxury Jets are not for the faint of the heart, fiscally speaking. A large amount of money is required to buy and then maintain these amazing and beautiful luxury jets! We suggest you think carefully before buying one of these truly amazing Jets. Luxury has great power. Fly anywhere and everywhere with these aerial wonders of life!

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