10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

Anxiety is not a new word in the 21st Century Modern World. The stress of living in the Modern Age of Social Media automatically burdens one with anxiety! 

Hectic jobs, running on a treadmill, mindless social media consumption, all of these activities take a toll on your health in subtle and insidious ways! 

A simple statistic: 18 percent of Americans suffer from anxiety! 18 percent – nearly ⅕ of the population suffers from anxiety!

While there are deadlines to be met, events to be held, and weddings to be attended, nothing can cut down the importance of Food and the role it plays in reducing anxiety! 

Check out these 10 Anxiety Causing Foods to stay away from to reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve your overall well-being! 

  1. Hot Dogs
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

A Hot dog would surely look tasty and a portion of comfort food for you but you might are not aware that the food you are enjoying could be dangerous for you. They are a visual treat and an absolutely delicious treat! Eat too many Hots Dogs, your anxiety levels can spike up in no time! 

Regular consumers of processed foods find themselves @at a 58 percent risk of Anxiety + some form of depression. That is a scary statistic! If you want to beat anxiety, stay away from these tempting delightful treats! 

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