10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

Anxiety is not a new word in the 21st Century Modern World. The stress of living in the Modern Age of Social Media automatically burdens one with anxiety! 

Hectic jobs, running on a treadmill, mindless social media consumption, all of these activities take a toll on your health in subtle and insidious ways! 

A simple statistic: 18 percent of Americans suffer from anxiety! 18 percent – nearly ⅕ of the population suffers from anxiety!

While there are deadlines to be met, events to be held, and weddings to be attended, nothing can cut down the importance of Food and the role it plays in reducing anxiety! 

Check out these 10 Anxiety Causing Foods to stay away from to reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve your overall well-being! 

  1. Hot Dogs
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

A Hot dog would surely look tasty and a portion of comfort food for you but you might are not aware that the food you are enjoying could be dangerous for you. They are a visual treat and an absolutely delicious treat! Eat too many Hots Dogs, your anxiety levels can spike up in no time! 

Regular consumers of processed foods find themselves @at a 58 percent risk of Anxiety + some form of depression. That is a scary statistic! If you want to beat anxiety, stay away from these tempting delightful treats! 

  1. Candies & Chocolates 
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

You pass by a store, and you just can’t stop yourself from grabbing a yummy Choco Bar. We all know that feeling too well! Candies are even more delightful and easy to consume! But just like all good things, Candies and Chocolates cause blood sugar to rise like crazy. Our suggestion is: Eat candies in tiny portions! Moderation is your best friend when it comes to these sweet nothings!

  1. Energy Bars
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

Hidden Sugar? Some food types look like they have no sugar, but they do! As a health freak and advocate, don’t be fooled!  Sugar takes benign forms like your favorite Low Fat Yoghurt, Spaghetti Sauce, All time yummy Granola Bars, and even Vitamin Water.

  1. Milk & Dairy Products 
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

Who doesn’t love bread and butter? Or a solid glass of milk with a good bread-and-butter breakfast? Dairy products are healthy for children and adults alike. Calcium? Good.  Protein? Good! Specific B-Vitamins? Yay! Probiotics in Yoghurt/Kefir? Great! 

Downside: Milk has saturated fat present in fairly large quantities. Any and all inflammation present is exacerbated by Milk. It may even worsen it! Your gut can even be inflamed due to milk consumption. To avoid hormonal disharmony and imbalances, distance yourself from milk & other dairy products! 

  1. Ketchup
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

Do you see that innocent bottle of Ketchup sitting on your table? You might never think that could raise your anxiety levels, but we would like to let you on a little secret! 

Psst: Ketchup is a very, very sneaky and subtle source of High – Fructose corn syrup, short name – HFCS. Every single time you add a little bit of ketchup to your potato crisps or even to your Plate of Noodles, Anxiety levels increase and reach levels never seen before!

HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) is a tricky little ingredient we would like to add. It’s really, really sweet! Sweeter than even table sugar! You gain weight like crazy with Ketchup in 

Solution: Pick Low Sugar Condiments – Free of HFCS!  Ta-Da! 

  1. White Flour 
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

Sugar Spice and everything nice is what those yummy Doughnuts@ Dunkin Donuts are made of! What else, you may wonder? White Flour. White Flour is dangerous as it is a hidden sugar! Consume one too many donuts, and watch your blood sugar spike like crazy! Cortisone levels and Adrenaline levels also skyrocket with too much White Flour in your blood!   Result: Anxiety levels: Very, very High! 

Solution: Consume Whole Grain Foods regularly. Keep it simple! You will see an immediate decrease in the levels of your anxiety!  

  1. Caffeine 
10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

A strong Cuppa Coffee is an amazing gift! Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a strong cup of coffee. You definitely feel much more alive and awake with a solid cup of caffeine, no arguments there! 

Caffeine also leads to you being an anxious mess if taken in larger quantities.

Fun Fact: Caffeine reduces serotonin levels in your system and can interfere with sleep cycles! 

Result: Higher levels of anxiety, Depression, and irritability follow. If you want to keep anxiety and stress at bay, drop that caffeine patch soon!

  1. Energy Drinks

Energizing in every way, Energy Drinks are the go-to for a lot of long-distance cycling enthusiasts and long-distance runners, as well! Energy drinks are a perfect match for people involved in such physical activities. You get an instant boost of energy with these drinks.

10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

The dark side of Energy Drinks: Abnormal Heart Rhythms + Sleep issues crop up regularly from consuming these! Get the ball rolling by minimizing consumption of Energy Drinks to avoid higher anxiety levels! 

  1. Gluten Foods

Do you have sensitive physical health? Stay away from MSG and Gluten! MSG is derived from Gluten. It is also a solid flavor enhancer as it is found in Frozen Meals. E.g; Soy Sauce. If you have untreatable anxiety levels, get a gluten-free diet and watch your health soar magically!  Kiss anxiety goodbye with a gluten-free diet.

10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

 Say hello to a clear and healthy you! Fresh and beautiful, you are sure to be the best version of yourself. Follow this simple advice, and you will find yourself amazed beyond belief!

  1.  Preserved Foods 

Preserving foods got people through some tough times in the olden ages. What you may not be aware of is that Preserved Foods create biogenic animes. Histamines in biogenic animes increase adrenaline levels like crazy! Anxiety Levels skyrockets, and insomnia increases disrupting proper sleep cycles!

10 Anxiety Causing Foods to Stay Away From

You are definitely better off without all that extra anxiety! Say No to preserved foods! Keep your head and health up. 


Healthy foods are a solid way of improving your mental and physical well-being, no doubt! If your goal is to be healthy, avoid anxiety-triggering foods! Keep it simple and easy. Eliminate some of the above-mentioned foods, and soar high in the sky!  Say hello to your mental and physical well-being! Give these foods a decent shot, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Bid anxiety Goodbye, forever! 

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