10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails for Daring Souls

The word hiking evokes a sense of adventure and thrill in the minds of hiking enthusiasts. Hiking is no small recreational activity that most of us imagine it to be. Even those who are not looking to attempt hiking anytime soon can check out the 10 most dangerous hiking trails for Daring Souls. Test your boundaries physically and mentally with these most dangerous hiking trails! Let’s check them out

  1. Huayna  Picchu, Peru 
Huayna  Picchu, Peru 

A difficult trip that has managed to claim some lives every few years. This is no small feat, as your experience will help you find out the true danger, which begins when you continue beyond the mythological city and Huayna Pichu. – the Hike of death. Riddled with rocks that are just about to crumble, slippery stones, and exposed corners. Clouds and mist add to the physical challenges experienced by Huayna Picchu, Peru.

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